When it comes to body building, food is the key thing that your muscles will need in order to grow stronger and bigger. The foods you eat will determine the muscles you get. If the food is not good, even to the slightest degree, then you are in danger of wasting your time and effort.

Green Tea

Green tea originated from the forefronts of Asia. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and it is also a natural diuretic. A natural diuretic are simply natural foods such as herbs that helps speed up the process of urinating. This helps aid in the removal Testosterone Replacement Therapy of excess fluids. This is important for muscle building because it helps you lose fat faster. Green tea also helps prevent cancer and improves blood circulation.


Broccoli is an important cancer fighting food because it contains anti-estrogenic indoles and phytochemicals. Not only this, broccoli is also low in calories. Broccoli is great for muscle building because broccoli is also high in soluble fiber which in turn will help you loss fat. Another benefit broccoli has is that it is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in the growth and repair of tissues. This tissue can also include muscle. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits such as berries, strawberries, and bananas.


The greatest benefit of spinach for muscle builders is that it helps prevent muscle and bone loss. If your bones aren’t strong enough then you will not be able to lift heavy weights and this will result in your lack of ability to gain bigger muscles. Spinach may not taste good but there is a solution. Mix it into a food that you love. Or better yet, if you have a juice maker you can simply add a bit of spinach to the a fruity juice.

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