5 Beneficial Tips For Playing Hempire Properly


Hempire is all about the virtual world where weed is completely legal. All players are the authorized dealers of the weed like products. In the game, players are the part of a business world. The complete business industry of the game is based on the deals and plantation of weeds. The players need to put proper efforts and try to get better business deals. Only these things can help them in getting success. For becoming a good player, you should follow below-mentioned tips by trying Hempire Cheats.

Focus on watering

Most of the players do not get the importance of proper watering. These types of players are not able to get the advantage of bonus buds. The players those are considering the way of proper watering they can get bonus buds on the plants. Sometimes the number of bonus buds reaches to 5 or more additional buds. All types of plants have a different watering system. The players are required to provide water at a perfect time without lagging a single interval.

Consider quick functions

The game is also designed by adding some smart functions. These functions are highly beneficial in saving lots of time and boosting the in-game activities. The players can use four buttons for functions. All buttons are connecting with a specific feature or facility. Following are functions of these four buttons.

  • Growing house
  • Own house
  • Direct to lab
  • Keep watching plants

The players can see these buttons or tags in the bottom corner on the ride side of the screen.

Be careful while growing

The players can grow different types of cannabis plants in the game. All types of plants have different characteristics and different way of growing. In case the players are considering more than one kind of plant at a time for growing then it may become a reason for confusion. The players should grow one kind of cannabis at a time. It also increases the productivity and quality of outcomes.

Complete all types of tasks

In the game, the players have assigned some specific tasks. These tasks are tagged with different types of rewards. For claiming these rewards and getting proper benefits, the players need to complete tasks quickly.

Before start performing activities related to a task, the players should be focused on its details. In case the players do not have proper knowledge regarding task then they cannot to perform appropriate activities.